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Provasil: Your Best Bet to Better Memory

A lot of people are scared of old age not only because it signals that their lives are coming to an end, but also because it brings forth a number of health problems. Diabetes, arthritis and heart diseases are some of the most common ailments that threaten the elderly, especially those who do not live a healthy lifestyle. Another thing that aging people worry about is memory loss, which is why Cognetix Labs has come up with Provasil, a brain supplement that aims to improve memory and concentration.

Understanding Memory Loss

provasilWhile it is true that older people are more predisposed to being forgetful, this does not mean that memory loss is an inevitable part of aging. This is because the brain is a highly malleable organ, capable of adapting to the kind of stimulus it receives. Yes, children’s minds are like sponges, absorbing everything and learning as much as they can, but this does not mean that the minds of aged people are not capable of learning and new things. However, the aged brain needs a little more prodding to bring neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to rewire itself – into play.

The brain is highly dependent on the nutrition and the kind of stimulation it receives. By eating right and participating in highly enriching activities, you can ensure optimal brain functioning, even in old age.

Memory loss can also be caused by dementia, a severe decline in mental ability. If you are experiencing chronic memory loss, you better consult the doctor so he could help determine what is causing it.

Memory loss can also occur due to the following reasons:

1. Dieting for weight loss. Most weight loss diets promote a fat-free diet, which can be harmful for the brain. The brain is composed of 60 percent fat, so it needs fat not only to make it function properly, but also to protect it against diseases.

2. Nutrient deficiency. Vitamins B12, C and D are very important for proper brain functioning. A deficiency in these can cause various cognitive functions like retaining information.

3. Smoking. Prolonged smoking causes the blood vessels to constrict, lessening the amount of oxygen that goes to the brain. Continuous oxygen deficiency impairs gathering and retrieval of information.

4. Alcohol abuse. Alcohol can decrease blood flow to the brain and damage nerve cells necessary for storing and recalling information.

5. Environmental toxins. Exposure to toxic metals like lead and mercury can cause inflammation of the brain which can result in cognitive impairment.

Improving the Memory

If your memory loss is caused by any of the five above-mentioned factors, then you can still reverse your condition by changing your lifestyle. Additionally, you can take Provasil, a powerful blend of 15 natural ingredients clinically proven not just to boost your memory but also to intensify your focus and to increase your overall mental performance.

Each Provasil tablet is packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants that work together to combat declining cognitive functions brought about by age and other factors, and to enhance your mental agility.

Who says you have to succumb to metal decline? With Provasil, you can say goodbye to forgetfulness and say hello to an active mind and more satisfying years ahead.