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Cinnamon and Honey Formula for Weight Loss

How honey and cinnamon formula can help in losing weight? What are the ingredients available in these two well-known products that help in weight loss?

Let’s look at these two things and know the benefits: First honey

The benefits of honey are plenty. Honey is all natural produced by bees and can boost your energy because it contains simple sugar. The sugar of honey contains antibacterial properties with antiseptic qualities. Honey is also considered as regular food for the benefit of balanced sugar level. After releasing recovery hormone we can see the fat burning. This is the result of sufficient honey taken before bed and liver is fueled.

Honey and Cinnamon Formula for Weight Loss

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The reason is: the liver has to produce 10 grams of glucose an hour and deliver to several part of the body. The weight loss secret for honey is 1:1 ratio of fructose and glucose. When you eat these honey and similar kind of food then fructose gets deposited in liver as glycogen. Liver send these glycogen to different part of the body when blood glucose level falls from normal. Fructose also activates an enzyme to take more glucose for the stabilization of blood sugar level in the body. Your body can absorb these sugars quickly. Also honey is rich in minerals and amino acids, that results metabolizing the cholesterol and prevents fat gain. Honey can also be used medicinal way to aid for sore throats, minor burns and cuts, and it is safe for your skin.

If we calculate then 64 calories can be found in honey and 46 calories in sugar. Lower GI rating of honey is good for your bloodstream and gives advantages for the healthy digestive process. After over food people can have little honey with warm water that helps in digestion naturally.

Let’s see the benefits of cinnamon:

Cinnamon is being used from the ancient days by our ancestor to cure several illnesses. History says Egyptians have been using this

Honey and Cinnamon Formula for Weight Loss

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for embalming from 4 to 5 thousand years before. Cinnamon can prevent bacteria in the digestive system and also urinary tract and can decrease the cholesterol as well as defensive insulin resistance. Manganese, iron, fibre, calcium, antioxidants etc. can be found richly in cinnamon. That is why health care professional claims the benefits of cinnamon and honey for weight loss. This cinnamon and honey formula for weight loss helps cleaning parasites, bacteria and fungus in your digestive system. That leads to healthy body and also helps burning fatter. Honey and cinnamon can be used for weight loss in 1:2 ratio means one part honey and two part of cinnamon.


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